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Photography is a sort of Alchemy of the Soul for me.  I look to see the World and our place in it from the point of view of our sameness, not our differences, from it's beauty.  I look for what inspires me, the mysterious and magical, the things that fortify hope.  These images are a glimpse into my own search for the intangible that connects us all.


Oct 2016 Ilegal Gallery, NYC- Solo Show "Iximuluew"

Oct 2016 Octubre Fotografico  Solo Show Museo Snto Tomas

2015 Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española  Santiago Albert and Gg)

2012 Palacio Nacional de Guatemala ( solo exhibit)

2006 Look3 Festival of the Photograph (group show)

2006 Galleria 106 NYC (Group show)

2001 Brooklyn Arts Council (group show)

2001 BEAM (solo show)

(20 year space working primarily in Film and TV)

1981 Westport Ct annual Art Fair (Group show)



Passion.  Dedication.  Commitment.
We are a small group of independent film makers that have over 30 years of collective experience in the industry.  Our team has worked in practically every facet of production from Los Angeles to New York, to Guatemala and Mexico.  We have worked with numerous celebrities over the years and have a broad list of clients and credits in TV,  film and advertising.  Whether it is concepting, producing, directing, location scouting, casting, art department or fixing, we approach every project with the same level of passion, dedication and commitment.


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